Walking Dead Season 5 Review: Spend

SPOILER ALERTS: All reviews of Walking Dead most likely contain spoilers, so do not read if you haven’t watched the episode.

walking dead season 6 spoilers

I wasn’t so long ago that quite a few Walking Dead fans were writing the series off because the flow had lost its way and the story was ambling about as aimlessly as the Walkers themselves.

Well forget all that.

The show’s production team has really pulled their socks up and delivered us a far more fast-paced delivery and many shocking twists and turns.

What I loved most going into this episode was the lead-in copy – that like with just about all the previous settlements the group has encoutered, there is always going to be something that isn’t quite right with Alexandria. Sure there’s no cannibalism, but there’s a disturbing vibe that can’t be ignored.

But as we get more acquainted with Alexandria, it’s beginning to seem apparent that it’s members of the main group that are helping generate that vibe, which brings me to my first big shock: Father Gabriel approaches Deanna to betray the group that saved his life and kept him alive and imploring her to cast them out of Alexandria, with Maggie being able to hear his entire diatribe.

While there were a lot of gory moments throughout the episode, Father Gabriel’s betrayal is what truly made my jaw drop.

I haven’t read the Walking Dead comic books yet, but I was told that it’s around this point in the storyline when Glen should be buying the farm, which comes with concern given that he’s been tasked with one of the most dangerous jobs in Alexandria (reconnaisance).

When the reconnaissance crew was sent out to central DC to recover some tech equipment, I was totally expecting to say goodbye to Glenn.

Instead the directorial / scripting team of Jennifer Lynch and Matthew Negrete swerved us all out by serving death instead to Deanna’s son, Aidan, possibly Tara (she was still alive by episode’s end but gravely injured and bleeding profusely) and, very sadly, the kind-hearted Noah, who was horrifically killed in front of Glen.

Personally, I saw Alexandria being home to the group for at least two seasons, but given Father Gabriel’s betrayal, plus Aidan’s death we can expect a lot of strife in the community.

Add to the mix that Glen beat up Nicholas for abandoning Aidan’s death as well as getting Noah killed, we can expect him to add to Deanna’s woes with whatever version of events he has to offer.

The group is clearly stronger and more aggressive than the members of Alexandria, but given that they’re not on hometurf, they are just as much at a disadvantage as they were with Terminus.

My predictions for the Next Episode of Walking Dead:

  • Aidan’s death will seriously affect Deanna’s judgment and count on certain opponents to the group peying on this, most notably, Pete and Nicholas.
  • Abraham will coral a few of the best men/women to the group through his construction zone efforts


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