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Yesterday, I brought up Chris Guillebeau’s book, The $100 Startup.

I have tremendous respect for Chris’s work and as a result, I see no reason to bring up a piece of work of his that is …gratis. Yup, no cost.

It’s the recipe Chris used to turn his writing into a business that helped finance his world travels (Bet you thought that shit died with Hemingway and the beats, didntcha?)

He calls it 279 Days to Overnight Success and you can download it here.

Writing has taken me very far in life and I can’t recommend it enough to both people who are inclined to it and those who’ve never tried it.

I truly makes me happy to see non-writers creating blogs and trying to share their ideas with the world and picking up the craft as they go along, and I think Chris’ book will do well to help you along.

Other books I’d recommend you check out if you want to turn your writing into an income stream:

The Wellfed Writer by Peter Bowerman – loved it so much, I sent him a hand-written letter for both writing this book and for the personal help he gave me as I went through its steps.

On Writing by Stephen King – Dude’s got like 54 books under his belt. Another one will be out by the time you finish your next sneeze.


Where writing will take you:

Thanks to my decision to study copywriting, I was able to finance a trip to Costa Rica entirely off the work I did as I went along.

To prepare myself for the trip, I spoke with a gentleman who has made quite a living for himself via the written word.

He knew tons about Costa Rica because that’s where he went when he knew he needed to master the art of writing for cashola.

His mission was to find a legendary American copywriter (Gary Halbert) who had been living in Costa Rica for a while after meeting his second wife there.

Wanna find out how to live the life of an ex-pat in a warm country where the living is cheap and easy?

Here’s part 1 on how to make it happen… and this is part two.



J. “Haduken” Hoboken


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