Why Starbucks is so expensive (not what you think)

A hot brand made of a great blend of ingredients: Quality coffee Cute (sometimes really hot) smiling baristas Warm, relaxing environment Cool swag that makes for awesome gifts But it still begs the question – why is Starbucks so much more expensive than other coffee shops essentially offering the same quality of coffee? According to Brian McManus, the average markup for coffee is 150%. The base cost for a $1 cup of drip-coffee is about 40 cents while an espresso costing $2.50 costs just under…

How to Pick Up Starbucks Baristas – The Comprehensive Field Guide

How to get that “Untouchable” Starbucks barista obsessed with you You’re about to find out why Starbucks baristas are the largest pool of untouched pick-up prospects Thanks to this specific group of babes, I snapped the most brutal sex-less streak of my life What’s up Dude, We both know why you’re here: You want to hook up with your favorite Starbuck barista (or a few)… …and need the keys to the system that’ll show you exactly how to do it. Bingo, partner – you’re here….