How to submit your blog: Got a blog the world absolutely, positively MUST read or society will collapse without traffic to your corner of the interwebs?

“Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.”

-Earl Nightingale

NinjaHobo is part of that bridge. We’re here to help not just bloggers (running a dedicated blog these days sure is a lot more challenging than it was just 7 years ago) – we’re also here to help Youtubers and artists get their work out there.

Before you submit your blog: Content that won’t even be considered: porn (nothing against it, but there are so many other places to talk it up), payday loans, pro Alt-Right crap, pro Alt-Left crap or blogs/vlogs that are composed entirely of you posing for selfies (seriously, if that’s you, your shit is completely broken).

Just drop your blog’s info into the form below.

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Here’s an example of content we’d love to see more of.

A bit more about what the most ideal content should and could be:

1) NinjaHobo is geared towards men, so you’ll generally get a far better response if swinging dicks can grasp what it is you’re putting out there. So if your blog is about your massive nail polish collection, that’s likely going to result in a big, fat NAH.

2) Politics are more than welcome, but we’ll only welcome bipartisan blogs, with certain exceptions, depending on style.

3) No network marketing / MLM blogs – marketing blogs in general are VERY welcome to join this family, but if your “business model” requires a downline to exist, you suck and that pretty much means your blog does too.

Bottom line: give future visitors a genuine reason to want to be there, not just why you believe they should be there.