In a society where the vast majority of our population is very dimwitted, there are many aspect of everyday life that define retardation in a number of ways:

Holding up the grocery line because the cashier accidentally shorted you on 40 cents (time to get a real job, losers)

Being a fan of American Idol

Sneezing / coughing without covering up the spray

But nothing (and I mean NOTHING) defines retardation like harming and suppressing other humans in the name of some rigid dogma that is rooted in an unproven source.

I hate a whole lot of people on this earthly realm, but mouth-breathers who are all-in for a religion that worships a deity who has not been proven to exist are the worst of the worst.

What reviles me even more about these trolls is the fact that doctrine is not the exclusive domain of religion – it can be found in any minority group that has so little to live for on an individual scale that it submits to group think.

This is why I appreciate the video you see above.

Finally, someone is not afraid to very publicly state that there is not to be any dialogue with terrorists.

They behave as animals and therefore we are to react in kind and treat them like the rabid currs they happen to be.

If your dog shits on the floor, are you going to ‘open up dialogue’ with your dog and negotiate over the matter?

Hellz no.

You raise your hand and drop your palm on it’s ass with great vengeance and furious anger until it realizes that stupidity equals pain.

The one problem we have with most terrorists is that they’ve been persuaded to die for their cause, so they don’t fear pain or punishment.

Still, that should be no deterrent and that should not give us the impression that we should make attempts to reason with them.

Next time you encounter some indoctrinated chump who believes in their cause so absolutely and without any question and can justify any slight committed by the group they belong to, you owe it to the world to show them this video.


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