NinjaHobo Guide to Email Marketing – Part 1


WHERE to find WHAT your audience needs

Coming up with content that is both valuable and compelling to your audience can be challenging.

Challenging…but not impossible.

There are many entrepreneurs out there who are easily creating the amount of content that two regular people would.

Are they super-human?


Email Ronins?


Starting today, you can join their ranks, by embracing the tactics that lead to massive content creation and an email list that receives a lot of value.

What you’ll learn in this module:

– The true source of hot keywords that people are actually using in their searches right now

– How to use those keywords to “dig deep” and get your market to tell you exactly what they want you to do for them (which was unheard of just 20 years ago)

– The easy way to automate your source material and always stay top-of-mind with your email list

The steps outlined in module 001 will take you no time to implement, and once you’ve got those steps set-up, you’ll be ready for the huge amount of content waiting for you in module two.

You now must choose between the ball and the sword.


Why is there a need to master the art of email marketing?

Because the benefits are many:

1. It’s where the money is at. Sorry, but that expression you’ve heard thousands and thousands of times before, “The money is in the list” is repeated endlessly for a reason – because it’s true.

You can horse around on social media all you like, but at the end of the day, the bulk of your business will not come from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter – those are merely channels.

2. Once someone joins your list, you no longer have to spend money to communicate with them. It’s one of the cheapest, cost-effective ways to stay in touch and build a relationship…unless you’re using the wrong channels (which we’ll cover in a moment).

3. There’s just about no better way to “stay in front” of the public and make sure you build a relationship with them and keep your business at the front of their minds.

Bootstrap Entrepreneurs Take Note

This course is designed with a very specific audience in mind: solopreneurs, startups and very small businesses that need to grow on a shoestring.

That’s why the course centers largely around Aweber – because it best suits the financial position of small business.

More expensive systems such as Infusionsoft and Office Autopilot (priced at $199/month & $297/month, respectively) do not offer any benefits that bootstrappers can’t assemble on their own for a fraction of those costs.

Some platforms try to give the impression that the more complicated a system is, the more serious it means you are as an entrepreneur.

We’re going to blast that marketing message out of the water.

Now Let’s Get Started!

Before you get started with Aweber, it’s important to have the fundamentals in place – what are you going to send?

You need to know what your audience wants and needs to hear and how to serve that information up.

What you need is a strong source of information for your inspiration.

Where do you find that?

Wherever people are hanging out online…and telling you (directly) what they want and need for you to do for them.

First place we’re going to visit is Google Trends.

Lately, Google’s being toying around a little too much with its Keyword Finder tool and as a result, it’s lost a great deal of its effectiveness.

That’s why going to Google Trends is a better bet and should now be your default keyword tracking tool.

For today’s exercise, we’re going to use the keyword “buy used truck” for our example.

After setting the country you want to do the search in, scroll to the bottom of the screen and look to the right-hand side of the screen.

You will see a section called “related searches.”

There are two tabs, “top” and “rising” which contain keyword ideas.

When you click on the “rising” tab, you’ll get keywords you should definitely pay close attention to.

As you can see in the red circle, the term “Ford truck used” has become a breakout search term online.

What that means to you is that your emails should answer their needs and wants revolving around this topic.

Now that we’ve established that a lot of people have been using the “Ford truck used” keyword, we need to figure out what they’re using it for – what kind of questions do they have attached to the keyword?

That’s why the next stop for the keywords we’ve gathered is Google News.

Let’s see what happens when we enter “Ford truck used” into Google News:

Plenty of the search results are dated for the very day we’re running our search.

What’s most important however, is that we scroll to the very bottom of this screen to find this…

Click on that link and you’ll get this screen:

It’s very important that you click on the “Result type” field and select “everything.” That way you’ll get every piece of content on your subject, instead of just receiving mainstream media sources.

Do this for each of your keywords.

And with that in place, you’ll be getting a lot of source material from Mother Google.

Next up…Forums.


I’ll let the dictionary answer that question:

Entrepreneurs, in the purest sense, are those who identify a need—any need—and fill it.

How do you find the forums pertaining to your business?

You won’t believe it, but it’s as simple as typing in keywords as follows:


buy used truck+forum

What’s great about forums is that your audience is literally telling you what questions they want answered or what problems they need you to solve for them.

Pre-internet marketers would kill to have such a gold mind of information at their fingers.

And that’s just two sources of information for your content creation.

For now, these two sources alone will provide you with more than enough to start with as you prepare your Aweber auto-responder.

Have any questions you’d like to ask?

Would you like to hear about even more sources of content research?

Send your questions via Facebook or Twitter.

In module two, we’re going to dive deep with how to take the content you’ve gathered and craft it into content that is both compelling and valuable, and gets your emails opened, read and acted upon.