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Yup, what you heard is true…getting laid abroad is far easier than it is on the homefront.

I wasn’t even going to bother wasting time building up to the answer.

Being different gets you attention. It’s as simple as that.

I believe everyone should broaden their horizons with travel and if I have to bribe you with the promise of easy lays, I will…so here goes!

What exactly makes bumpin’s easier on foreign shores?

1) You’re a foreign novelty. The color of your skin alone could be enough to magnetize babes.

For some guys, it’s the accent, especially British guys. Make sure you catalog what makes you different and play it up (unless it’s an abonormal growth or something like that).

2) When you’re away from home, you tend to be happier about it, and that happiness is reflected in your demeanor.

Humans are drawn to positive vibes and if chicks see you as a being unemcumbered by the weight of the world, they’ll gravitate to you.

Happiness is a magnet.

3) Relating to point #2 – since you’re away from the annoyances of the daily grind and having to cover your bills, your mind becomes calm and that leads to an amplification of your charm.

When you’re relaxed, you become more conversational and playful, whether you realize it or not.

There is however, ONE BIG caveat to all this.

Not all worldly locales are created equal.

Ever hear of a dude named Roosh V?

This guy is kinda like Chris Guillebeau in that he centers his life around travel.

The key difference between he and Chris being that he’s devoted to helping guys get laid while Chris’s passion is to help foster persepctive (I hope you downloaded the ebook, 279 Days to Overnight Success, which I provided for you yesterday).

Roosh has written a series of books that are the equivalent of Lonely Planet guides for men looking to fill their itineraries with a bounty foreign booty.

Of that series of guides, he’s written a couple that are devoted to skipping entire countries because they’re so bad for pick-ups.

Yes, there are some countries where the native female population refuses to acknowledge the joys of the hay-ride.

My worst country was Scotland (man, what a horrible sandbox to play in).

So then, how do you put all the odds in your favor to make your next trip as “fruitful” as possible?

1) Do check out Roosh V’s guides – all of them are now available in Amazon’s Kindle store and the cost is negligible.

2) Depending on which culture you’ll be visiting, some girls are more forgiving than others, but DO try to shed a few pounds and look your best.

3) Hedge your bets – just because you’re going to a foreign locale, doesn’t mean you should abandon what’s guaranteed to work.

4) Stay on top of your alcohol intake – this isn’t just to get you lucky, this also has to do with keeping you safe.

I once stayed at a hotel in Central America where a German dude picked up a local. He passed out, she took his passport then her boyfriend held it for ransom. You can go ahead an get a nice glow on, but don’t get smashed.

Over and out for now.