When Infidelity Is Just Downright Hilarious

Infidelity: it leaves those scorned wondering where they must have gone wrong for their mates to have wandered to another’s bed (or McDonald’s bathroom). After the stinging bitterness sets in an odd thing happens (so long as you’re not involved in this mess): hilarity ensues.

Here are three hilarious videos that show you the light side of getting caught doing the horizontal hokey-pokey.

OK, so this is a commercial, but just leave it to the Brits to get things done right with their particular brand of humor. Want to know something really funny? If you check out some of the comments for this video on Youtube, a ton of people thought this was a REAL video.

Know how sometimes you’re having such a great time at the company Christmas party that you start getting horny?

And then you’re so horny that you look at your boss and think “I just gotta polish his hood ornament, like, right now!” and you grab him by the hand and drag him into the company bathroom (in front of everyone) like you just don’t care? OK, ok…enough spoilers.

Hell hath no fury for a woman scorned? Hell can wait. This chick finds out hubby’s been on the side-bang and she transforms into hell itself. Upon first watch you’d be forgiven for thinking the man who rescues the TV was the hubby. It’s pretty funny when you realize he isn’t.