How to get that “Untouchable” Starbucks barista obsessed with you

  • You’re about to find out why Starbucks baristas are the largest pool of untouched pick-up prospects
  • Thanks to this specific group of babes, I snapped the most brutal sex-less streak of my life

What’s up Dude,

We both know why you’re here:

You want to hook up with your favorite Starbuck barista (or a few)…

…and need the keys to the system that’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Bingo, partner – you’re here.

Whether you want that barista as your girlfriend or you simply want to fuck her ’til she taps out, I’m going to walk you through the process.

The best part?

It’s so much easier than you think.

Time To Smash These Common Roadblocks:

  • She always seems too busy for you to have a chance to engage her in a real conversation.
  • You notice that other guys coming in dig her too and assume you’re out of the running before you even try
  • Fearing that if she says “no”, you can never return to your Starbucks again

Sure…if you go ahead and give into those roadblocks you can make peace with failure.

You can go right ahead and fantasize about that barista in the privacy of your bedroom and/or settle into a relationship or fling with a girl you’re not even half as interested in.


…you could avoid the mistakes I made when figuring out How to Pick Up Hot Starbucks Baristas (No matter how untouchable they may appear)and get straight to the easy part of the game.

And believe me, when you get good at this game, it’s a whole lot of fun.

My name is Ryan “Jesus” Huckabee, and I guess you can call me the Mad Scientist of Seduction.

When I told him about how I painstakingly created a system through many tests, failures and kept a detailed journal of all this, and was pressured into sharing it with you.

The Result:


I decided to make this How to Pick Up Hot Starbucks Baristas guide my first resource for NinjaHobo Media for a couple of reasons:

1) Starbucks stores are everywhere and at least four out of five guys I’ve spoken with have wanted at least a couple of baristas in their time

2) Even if these guys are good-looking and aren’t too bad with conversation, they have NO CLUE how to penetrate the forcefield that occurs when a chick is super-busy

This guide’s definitely NOT for everyone (that’s also very intentional).

The vast majority of guys don’t qualify.

I want you to succeed and I want for you to tear right into this guide in one sitting and get right to business.

This is a concise, step-by-step system with no filler and no fluff.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the average barista stands to get bored with you quickly – NEVER do this…unless you actually want to go home alone for the rest of your days
  • Do you want a hot fuck or a loving relationship? See how you can design the situation so that you get to decide which outcome happens
  • You’ll see why so many other guys go down in flames when going after baristas – they simply don’t understand this one crucial way to look at the situation
  • The Vietnamese Mindfuck – how did a largely peasant-class army dominate the superiorly-armed US army? They used this super-simple trick, which you can apply
  • The “007” – oddly simple trick used by spies to quickly become part of their new environments and how it can help you with your conquest
  • Progress tracker: How to tell if you’re starting to give her butterflies in her stomach

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention…

This Guide Is NOT For Sale to Just Any Guy

I had to refine my game before the internet had become mainstream and used by everyone.

At the time, I would’ve killed to have someone show me the ropes.

Like I said, it really was all trial and error.

All the bullshit I had to go through (pre-internet)and learn from the hard way is destroyed in this easy-to-follow ebook.

You have to understand – it only takes a couple of idiotic goof-offs to ruin everything.

So here’s the deal – if you’re serious about your game and getting those Baristas you lust after, I’m asking you to really think about this first.

What my guide boils down to is tapping into a girl’s brain and re-wiring it so that she feels attracted to you (even if she’s not all that into you at first).

  • It kills the “friend zone”
  • Makes baristas who like to play a sly game of hard-to-get more easily accessible
  • Turns the tables so that you get more dates/sex with a fraction of the effort

I stand by my work, so this comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee.

Even if you don’t follow through on the steps laid out in the ebook, you still get your money back without any bullshit hassle.




(that’s less than a Venti ‘cino)

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See you on the other side,

Ryan “Jesus” Huckabee

PS – you’ll save a ton of money by going after baristas as coffee will set you back $2.50 a pop at the cheapest instead of the $150 it’ll cost for a night out at the club.