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I’ve written about it a few times and tomorrow, my point is about to be reiterated: salaries have not rebounded along with the economy in its recovery.

While the overall employment picture is looking a lot better than it did just 6 years ago, finding work that actually pays something you can work with can be daunting.

Daunting… but NOT impossible.

Tomorrow, you’re going to be sent the system I’ve used to get a MEANINGFUL and high-paying employment fast.

You can use this system over and over again to keep upping your lot in life while others simply follow through the motions.

It combines the following elements to make you look like a Terminator machine among men: direct response marketing techniques, predictive thinking and a generous dash of Old-School gumption.

If you’re in a position where you still need to draw a paycheck to achieve your ends, I promise you this guide will make your picture a whole lot rosier after you’ve implemented it.

Here’s what’s coming your way tomorrow:

+ How to use a secret tool that annihilates the age-old irritating questions most of us dread in job interviews

+ Tired of writing a new cover letter for every new job you apply to? You’ll find out how to write just ONE cover letter that WILL get results. The only thing you’ll have to change is the salutation – that’s it.

+ What you need to do (this is totally counter-intuitive) to smash through a major job hunting barrier – most employment “experts” swear against it.

+ You’ll also get your hands on a very easy-to-follow system to keep track of everyone who responds to you (this also includes more easy-to-use templates)

+ Full access to a very specific resume structure that sells your experience and skills in the same way some of the biggest companies in the country sell their products

+ Instant Favoritism: How to get an employer to know exactly what to expect from you and favor you above all others before they even pick up the phone or hit “send” on their email

+ You’ll easily find out how to write in a way that grabs attention and delivers the results you expect – even if you’re NOT a writer

+ How to use human psychology to your advantage…almost everyone does this so you might as well take (ethical) advantage of it

+ Craigslist – you’ll be shown a way of raiding the jobs section that no one else is doing…giving you the definitive advantage. You’ll also find out what NEVER to do on Craigslist

+ Education – you wouldn’t believe how overrated some post-secondary experience happens to be and how adding THIS bit of information to your job hunting efforts will make you standout to prospective employers, no matter how “Ivy League” other candidates happen to be

+ Tap into a super-simple little trick most magazines use to boost sales by the millions and put it work for your own professional success. (It really is unbelievably simple, yet so many people would never think of it)

+ You’ll also be shown a secret shortcut on how to position yourself as an expert in your industry and really impress potential employers like never before.

+ It should also be said that what you’ll learn in this system will become a set of ultra-valuable new skills you can add to your resume and will benefit any of your employers, no matter what kind of work you do for a living

BTW, this is gonna be one long post, so have your protein pills and helmet ready.


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