rich kids of instagram

Rich Kids of Instagram

Thought you hated the Kardashians? Looks like we may have something far more vacuous:

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I knew Donald Trump Would Run A Year Ago…Because He Tried To Sue Me Over It

I knew for a fact that Donald Trump was running for president at this time last year. I became aware of this fact because he was trying to sue me over my ownership of the domain Just a little further below are links to the legal notice he sent me. It was a moment I both dreaded and anticipated at the same time. This piece is both an unofficial how-to when dealing with any lawsuits that infringe on trademarks (though speaking to a lawyer…

Shots from Suicide Squad in Toronto – Will Leto Rock It As The Joker?

Toronto’s a steaming pit of collective angst and frustration. High taxes, shitty infrastructure…and traffic so bad, that once you’re stuck in it, you’ll feel like you got demoted to hell. There is a small something lately that’s managed to justify some of this hellish traffic: Suicide Squad. Here are a few pics to show you what the people of downtown Toronto are seeing these days: Now, about Jared Leto as the Joker… I’m really on the fence here. I loved Leto in Requiem For A…

Anti-Uber Monkey Men VS. Batman (Twerpy Little Bitch Version)

I’d like to thank to Zack Snyder for turning Batman into a twerpy little bitch. No seriously, what did we expect? He hired Ben “Mallrats” Affleck to incarnate the Dark Knight, and long before this trailer was supposedly “leaked” (more on that in a second), set pics showed us that they were going back to the Michael Keaton-era Batsuit loaded with fake muscles. Maybe we just got spoiled by the fact that Christian Bale actually hit the gym to get the body we’d expect from…

Better Call Saul Bingo Season 1 Review

SPOILER ALERTS: All reviews of Better Call Saul most likely contain spoilers, so do not read if you haven’t watched the episode. I still can’t believe how many doubters I heard piping up that Better Call Saul would stumble to find its momentum upon it’s debut, but we’re less than 10 episodes into this new series and it seems to be flying quite well so far. I’m loving the new characters and the previous episode, Five-O,  which gave us a very grim look at Mike’s…

Walking Dead Season 5 Review: Spend

SPOILER ALERTS: All reviews of Walking Dead most likely contain spoilers, so do not read if you haven’t watched the episode. I wasn’t so long ago that quite a few Walking Dead fans were writing the series off because the flow had lost its way and the story was ambling about as aimlessly as the Walkers themselves. Well forget all that. The show’s production team has really pulled their socks up and delivered us a far more fast-paced delivery and many shocking twists and turns….