Getting paid to love on BBWs (#nogiggolo)

So the other day, my editor asked me to write some copy for a BBW dating website.

In the event that you’re not in the know, BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women.

So I gets to ogle pics of hot plump babes and write the copy that will lure men with a yen for curvy lovelies to become members of a dating site.

Wanna take a peek at my source material? OK.

Here are a few of the hottest BBWs to inspire my copywriting:


OK, so the only gripe I have here would be the lipstick.

In all my years, I really could never understand it.

Confession: Some guys are boob-guys, some are all about butts (butts are pretty great), but my first point of enthrallment is lips.

Lips are like flower petals.

It’s all about shape, contour, texture and how these aspects match up to the rest of the face.

Bottom line: she is a prime au naturel beauty and needeth not apply any lipstick.

Otherwise, everything here is perfect.

The tied-off tee was a great touch.


I’m really not into blondes

…unless they kinda remind me of one of my first GFs.

Now, she wasn’t quite as round as this here lass, but she had it going on.

Could do without someone wearing heels around the house.

These two babes can be found here.

Wanna see one more?


bbw_tubeOnly drawback here is the bathing suit.

Put a tied-off t-shirt and underwear and she’d be killing productivity in any workplace.

What a sweet, subtle sensuality emanating from this one, huh?

Needless to say, writing copy for this project was not even remotely challenging.

If you want to check out the collection this beautiful brunette belongs to, go here.

Hat tip to Angie Wise for the photography.


Awwright, here are today’s gear picks:

Marty-McPrime tshirt

With Transformers: Age of Extinction about to launch, no better time to totally geek the hell out in spectacular fashion, by merging one 80s phenom with another.

The main website no longer sells this shirt, HOWEVER…I did spot it on the Ebay UK website.


Now just look at that pic.

Kinda makes you think of your grandfather right?

And when you think of your grandfather, you look at yourself and think about what a pussy you are when you measure yourself up to the old man.

Or maybe that’s just how I feel when I see this package of pure male virility staring back at me.

One thing’s for sure, the guys over at ZeusMen have me feeling guilty about shaving my beard about a month ago. Not that it was anywhere close to what these guys are rocking…but now I’m thinking…perhaps the beard needs to come back.

Alright, now check this shit out.

You let the ZeusMen guys mental-trip you into growing your beard back out and looking manlier than man.

What could make a better compliment for your mugrug than a weather camo-pattern trucker cap?