donald trump hits hilary clinton

Donald Trump Hits Hilary Clinton (& Lights Up The Net)

Donald Trump hits Hilary Clinton, Some Americans Are Actually Surprised I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise. When a gif surfaced that showed us what would happen when Donald Trump hits Hilary Clinton with a golf ball, you could pretty much set your clock to the outrage. I’ll admit, I’m kind of torn on this one. A) I hate Trump, but unlike millions of others who despise ‘ol Captain TurkeyNeck, my beef is personal. But when we get to the “B”, I’m really not a…

mcdonalds fries

F’N Delicious: McDonalds Fries As An Ingredient

(How To) Gourmet Chicken Recipe With McDonalds Fries Food Porn Eats – Mister Gee Burger Truck, Sydney Rocking Breakfast Burrito Recipe – Best Hang Over Cure Furious World Tour | Montreal, Canada – 8,000 Calorie Poutine, World’s Hottest Wings & Maple Syrup For even more awesome foodporn, go here.


Best Burger…EVER?

Love this puppy for all it’s worth. This burger comes courtesy of Almazan Kitchen and if it doesn’t inspire you to get into the kitchen and replicate this recipe, well, you aren’t a true burger aficionado. Want more foodporn? Here you go >>>

seductive teacher

13 Smoking Hot Teachers Who Made Their Male Students’ Fantasies A Reality

These hot teachers will restore your faith in male/female relations Forget all about Tubes and Hubs (challenging as that may be) – hot teachers are fulfilling fantasies in real life and now you get to enjoy it vicariously. We’ve rounded up a list of hot teachers that will no doubt be titillating for some (you know…men with warm red blood flowing through their veins) and controversial for others (uptight religious gorgons who hate fun stuff like getting laid). Yes, what you’re about to dig into…

rich kids of instagram

Rich Kids of Instagram

Thought you hated the Kardashians? Looks like we may have something far more vacuous:

Why Starbucks is so expensive (not what you think)

A hot brand made of a great blend of ingredients: Quality coffee Cute (sometimes really hot) smiling baristas Warm, relaxing environment Cool swag that makes for awesome gifts But it still begs the question – why is Starbucks so much more expensive than other coffee shops essentially offering the same quality of coffee? According to Brian McManus, the average markup for coffee is 150%. The base cost for a $1 cup of drip-coffee is about 40 cents while an espresso costing $2.50 costs just under…