hot for teacher

13 Smoking Hot Teachers Who Made Their Male Students’ Fantasies A Reality

Forget all about RedTube and PornHub (challenging as that may be). We’ve rounded up a list that will no doubt be titillating for some (you know…men with warm red blood flowing through their veins) and controversial for others (uptight religious gorgons who hate fun stuff like getting laid). Yes, what you’re about to dig into is the ultimate collection of smoking hot babes who’ve taken positions as teachers…only to end up in several intimate positions with their very eager and willing male pupils. The end…

rich kids of instagram

Rich Kids of Instagram

Thought you hated the Kardashians? Looks like we may have something far more vacuous:

why starbucks is so expensive

Why Starbucks is so expensive (not what you think)

A hot brand made of a great blend of ingredients: Quality coffee Cute (sometimes really hot) smiling baristas Warm, relaxing environment Cool swag that makes for awesome gifts But it still begs the question – why is Starbucks so much more expensive than other coffee shops essentially offering the same quality of coffee? Brian McManus, the average markup for coffee is 150%. The base cost for a $1 cup of drip-coffee is about 40 cents while an espresso costing $2.50 costs just under a dollar…


Scientists are (seriously) working to make The Walking Dead a reality

Remember the Movie DeadHeat? If the answer’s “no”, you’re forgiven. It was a B-movie, but a very good one and it starred two awesome dudes people seem to remember about as well as they do the move: Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo. TDLR: Treat Williams plays a cop who bites the big one while on duty. Too good to be left to the afterlife, a secret experiment see Williams re-animated and put back out on duty. Flash forward almost 30 years and it seems like…


When Infidelity Is Just Downright Hilarious

Infidelity: it leaves those scorned wondering where they must have gone wrong for their mates to have wandered to another’s bed (or McDonald’s bathroom). After the stinging bitterness sets in an odd thing happens (so long as you’re not involved in this mess): hilarity ensues. Here are three hilarious videos that show you the light side of getting caught doing the horizontal hokey-pokey. OK, so this is a commercial, but just leave it to the Brits to get things done right with their particular brand…

donald trump idiot

I knew Donald Trump Would Run A Year Ago…Because He Tried To Sue Me Over It

I knew for a fact that Donald Trump was running for president at this time last year. I became aware of this fact because he was trying to sue me over my ownership of the domain Just a little further below are links to the legal notice he sent me. It was a moment I both dreaded and anticipated at the same time. This piece is both an unofficial how-to when dealing with any lawsuits that infringe on trademarks (though speaking to a lawyer…


Blood & Babes – it’s an easy sell

When I was a kid, I used to collect music videos on shitloads of VHS tapes. Yeah, I know. Anyhow, as I grew out of the MTV phase, my interest in music videos waned very quickly. Let’s face it. Most of these fucking things are vain exercises in blowing up some wanker’s razor-thin ego, promoting big-label liquor and teaching an entire generation of kids who are already hopeless mouth-breathers to become even bigger douchebags than they already are. Thank you music industry, thank you. Then…